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An officer may resign at any time by delivering notice to the Corporation. Nominees are binding upon a periodic reviews are regulated by reference. Discuss the church board. They also can determine the kind of legal liability a church has and can be important whenever the church enters into a major transaction. Bylaws Poplar Springs Christian Church.

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After exercising due diligence, the Board of Elders shall determine whether the Church can obtain, with reasonable efforts, a more advantageous transaction or arrangement from a person or entity that would not give rise to a conflict of interest.

Bylaws for Nonprofits Article III Membership Classes Voting Classes Dues 301 No Membership Classes The corporation shall have no members who have any right to vote or title or interest in or to the corporation its properties and franchises 302 Non-Voting Affiliates 303 Dues.

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Any Elder may resign at any time by giving written notice to the Church.

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The Elder Board has full and complete discretion in the use of all funds. Articles set forth in this guide. District Superintendent convenes a Charge Conference as a Church Conference, all members of the Corporation present shall be entitled to vote.

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